Water Treatment Chemicals

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We can supply a wide range of chemicals and allied products for waste water treatment. Some of the products are listed below

1. cooling water Treatment Products:
     a. Various types of Corrosion inhibitors
     b. Various types of Scale Dispersants
     c. Various types of Bio-dispersants
     d. Non-oxidising biocides

2.boiler water treatment products
     a. Various types of Corrosion inhibitors for water/steam phases
     b. PH control and scale inhibitors
     c. Antifoam
     d. Various types of oxygen scavengers
     e. Multi-components products
     f. Sludge control products
     g. corrosion inhibitors for boiler conservation during idle times

3. waste water treatment products
     a. various types of flocculants (Anionic/ Cationic)
     b. various types of coagulants (liquid)
     c. Precipitation aid products
     d. heavy metal precipitation aid products
We can support you to find an economically sensible, practicable and eco-compatible treatment program - d. individually adapted to your requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your specific needs.

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