Thermal Fluid Heaters

Thermal Fluid2

We are able to offer a complete range of Electric Heated Hot Oil units for installation in hazardous and safe areas and Coal Fired based on fluidised bed technology from 2MW to 10MW capacity.

These thermal fluid heaters supplied by us are also used in a wide variety of process and industrial heating applications and have the following advantages over steam or water systems.

  • High temperatures up to 400°C
  • Non pressurised system
  • Higher thermal efficiencies
  • No freezing, no condensation losses
  • No water treatment required

We can also supply a range of horizontal fired Single Coiled Heaters for specialist applications. These are applicable especially where very high fluid differential temperatures can be used, and when fitted with high efficiency economisers can give efficiencies up to 100% of the LHV.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your specific needs or provide you with additional information.

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