Waste Management, Combustion & Industrial Solutions


The Waste Management systems division deals with strategies required to manage waste emanating from oil exploration, development, refining, storage, and distribution in an ecologically friendly manner. We provide complete solutions for turnkey projects for Waste management (industrial – solid/liquid/hazardous)

The waste management systems division assists customers in procuring the most cost-effective and technical solution.

We can supply you with the necessary equipment for shredding , conveying, screening, separating, storing and dosing, Steam plant solutions, hot water plant solutions, burners and combustion products, filter systems.

We can also provide you with spares, service solutions and used machines for the same.

We can provide our clients with not only the latest technology, but also a comprehensive and worldwide training and maintenance support.

We welcome your inquiries for any of our featured products and also any other products that you are having difficulty sourcing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your specific needs.

Boilers Conveyors Deaerators Filtration Systems
Boilers2 Conveyor2 Deaerators2 Filtration Systems2
We can offer you steam boilers and hot water boilers to suit your needs. From a single boiler, to a turnkey project-managed multiple boiler installation, we can deliver any solution worldwide ..
We can supply economic conveying technology , adapted to your individual requirements for feeding, discharge, collection, storage and loading. Custom-made conveying systems in...
We can supply you with spray type deaerators to suit your individual requirements and applications. The Main Features of these deaerators:1-Single shell design, low overall height...
We can supply you with filtration systems to meet your specific needs and applications. We deal with projects that range from small packer filers to bag houses with sorbent ...
Incinerators Oxidisers Screening Machines Separators
Incinerators2 Oxidisers2 Screening Machines2 Separators2
We can provide a range of incinerators which can handle a variety of applications right from precious metal recovery incinerators which are designed to burn various metal bearing ...
We can supply oxidisers to suit every application within the industry. The products range from recuperative thermal oxidisers to catalytic oxidisers to regenerative oxidisers...
We can supply machines using various screening technologies and the screening of up to four different fractions within one aggregate.Removal of coarse pieces, setting up ...
We can provide you with the most appropriate solution for your waste separation needs.From the dry separation process for reduced materials such as wood, plastic, paper ...
Shredders Thermal Fluid Heaters    
Shredders2 Thermal Fluid2    
We can supply you come in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit all applications. These technologically sophisticated machines and plants are supplied to meet ...
We are able to offer a complete range of Electric Heated Hot Oil units for installation in hazardous and safe areas and Coal Fired based on fluidised bed technology from ...
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