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Our turbo machinery division has a full understanding of turbo machinery equipment and the latest in products, materials and manufacturing technology enabling us to evaluate, determine and recommend the best possible solution for you. This is our largest division and our core competency.

We provide complete solutions for turnkey projects for all rotating machinery applications with an expertise in power generation and gas transmission. Our range of services, spares and new units includes (but is not limited to) gas turbines, steam turbines, gas compressors, screw compressors, air compressors and generators (Diesel or gas). We also maintain in house expertise on turbine control systems. We are active in the maintenance requirements for power plants, petrochemical complexes, refineries, crude oil sludge treatment plants, and offshore oil & gas facilities.

Supported by our principals in Europe, we are in unique position to offer both immediate advice and site assistance to industrial gas turbine users for all operational needs.

Our Turbo machinery division has extensive experience in procuring tailor made solutions for your requirements. We are flexible and are able to offer quality solutions and products to our customers. We are proud of our extensive and ever increasing product range and service offerings.

We are competent to deal in a very efficient manner with all enquiries regarding your product needs by sourcing them from our international network of specialist manufacturers.

We also can help you in maintenance services for Industrial Plants, Petrochemical and Chemical Plants, Refineries, Crude Oil Sludge Treatment, Offshore Oil and Gas facilities.

We welcome your inquiries for any of our featured products or services and also any other products that you are having difficulty sourcing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your specific needs or provide you with additional information.

Gas Turbines Pumps Compressors Generators
Gas turbine Pump1 compressor blades gears
We can provide you access to the best gas turbine products and services from Europe and Middle East. These include new power plants, spare parts; refurbish units, repairs and overhauling as well as maintenance ...
BASSER KALA / Energy Deployment has had 40 years of experience supporting the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Power industries in a variety of ways and has developed business working with famous and ...
We can offer you a comprehensive range of services for turbo compressors (centrifugal, axial, radial, geared multistage). Our relationships with highly qualified service specialists ...
We can provide you access to the best generator products and services from Europe and Middle East. We can provide gas turbine generating sets world-wide within the oil & ...
Electric Motors Gear boxes New Technologies Steam Turbines
Electric Motor Gearbox1 New Technologies steam turbine x
A portfolio of field-proven electric drives and motors, and associated control systems including instrumentation for process applications in the oil and gas industry are supplied by us...
We can provide you with new gearboxes for maritime, oil & gas and industrial applications.We can provide services to repair and overhaul your gearboxes in the shortest turnaround ...
SwirlFlash® technology is the state of the art water injection technology for gas turbine power augmentation and NOx reduction. SwirlFlash® uses hot pressurised water to obtain ...
We can provide you access to the best steam turbine products and services from Europe and Middle East. These include new power plants, spare parts; refurbish units, repairs and ...
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