Our chemical department has provided services to many clients for different products from Japan and Europe.
We claim to be capable to provide best and reliable proposal through our network of major international vendors.
We are ready to receive your inquiries and consult how to get to the best and competitive solution. This service is feasible due to our good relation with different international manufactures.

1. Ethylene Oxide ( Silver Catalyst), We have delivered few lots of silver catalyst to our clients at olyfin plants. Our vendor is one of reliable producer in the world.

2. Precious Metal Recovery. We are representative of major international company for all precious metal recovery from spent catalyst. Please contact us to provide you information.

3. Molecular Sieves. Bassere Kala Co, has few major source of molecular sieves vendors and has good experience in this filled.

4. Water Treatment Products. We have provided water treatment chemicals to major local petrochemicals and can provide the same to you` as well.

Ethylene oxide / Ethylene glycol Catalyst Molecular Sieves Water Treatment Chemicals Other Chemicals
Ethylene Glycol molecular diagram full water treatment chemicals large other chemical
We can provide high efficiency and high productivity Ethylene oxide (EO) and Ethylene glycol ...
Molecular sieves supplied by us provide a wide range of desired adsorption characteristics and can also be used as a separation tool ...
We can supply a wide range of chemicals and allied products for waste water treatment. Some of the products are listed ...
The following is a list of the products we can supply (but not limited to) ...
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