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Our chemical department has provided services to many clients for different products from Japan and Europe. We claim to be capable to provide best and reliable proposal through our network of major international vendors.

   We can offer you through our principals engineering services for turnkey projects in the oil and gas industry. Our division provides services in several fields of activity, namely Basic Engineering, Front End Engineering Design and Detailed Engineering of:
   With over 30 year experience and high competitive ability in importing and supplying ferrous and non ferrous materials of various grades with the technical specification in the energy industry, declared its readiness to supply product.
   Our turbo machinery division has a full understanding of turbo machinery equipment and the latest in products, materials and manufacturing technology enabling us to evaluate, determine and recommend the best possible solution for you. This is our largest division and our core competency. Weprovide complete solutions for turnkey projects for all rotating machinery applications with an expertise in power generation and gas transmission.
   The Waste Management systems division deals with strategies required to manage waste emanating from oil exploration, development, refining, storage, and distribution in an ecologically friendly manner. We provide complete solutions for turnkey projects for Waste management (industrial – solid/liquid/hazardous) The waste management systems division assists customers in procuring the most cost-effective and technical solution.

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